AvonWater Valentine chocolate SLhunt HUD

AvonWater Valentine chocolate SLhunt

:::::::::You will look for a chocolate RED pot in AvonWater SIM::::::
1.Let’s go in Irish pub! and, You choose one HUD of the ABC and you must put it on.

You are involved in ChocolatePot covered in this sim. And I get Chocolate in your HUD.!!!

!!!!When you do not do touch at less than 10m in this ChocolatePot, you cannot receive Chocolate!!!!

A cover of a great number of HUD closes if I collect five Chocolate in your HUD.
You must trade with a favorite premium in a premium exchange of the Irish pub.
You can hand HUD which you have finished using to other people as chocolate for Giftbox and presents!!!!!!

How to use HUD which this Hunt finished.

The message in the cover of the box changes and can open and close a cover by a touch when you change this HUD for a premium

you can use this box as Presentbox to give Texture and NoteCard, the object which I put inside for.
How to use!!!!

When rez does this box, the name of this box changes.
“2014 Valentine from ○○” (your name)

Please put the item which you present within contents.

Present gift BOX

When rez does present gift BOX, a particle appears, and music becomes.
:::: If a present is in this BOX, this BOX hands a present to you.:::::

Music sounds from this BOX and is closed when you attach this BOX if a cover is in a closed state
:::: If a present is in this BOX, this BOX hands a present to you.::::

One object sends one. In addition, it sends the plural objects with a folder




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